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March Madness and Funny Commercials

I was watching March Madness over the weekend and saw some great basketball and some hilarious commercials.

As usual, the beverage and insurance companies came up with some creative ways to combine their products with the basketball tournament. Several insurance companies showed how quickly they would pay benefits and make things right when some of their customers managed to get into a lot of trouble.

At first thought I thought about how clever and funny the commercials were.

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I was pulled over for what?

A friend recently told me he was surprised that he was pulled over for driving too long in the left lane of a multi-lane highway. He suggested maybe he was really pulled over because he was driving a new Suburban. It certainly wasn't because he was driving a red car.

Pulled over

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My 16-year-old child wants to buy a car with her settlement...

When I am talking to the parents of a child who is about to receive money in a personal injury settlement, they frequently tell me that their child wants to buy a car with the settlement. I usually respond...

Minor settlement

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Would you settle for $100?

It's sitting on my desk. A check for $100. Written out to my client John* two weeks after he was knocked off of his motorcycle by a driver who wasn't watching where he was going. Before I represented John, the insurance company called him and asked how he was doing. "Okay, I guess. My knee's a little stiff." They offered to pay him $100 to settle his claim.


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Beyond Political Persuasion

Among friends, small talk often revolves around the fascinating life of a plaintiff's attorney. And it's not just because I am directing the conversation. Really, many of my friends think plaintiffs' work is very intriguing and ask me questions about what it's like to be a plaintiff's attorney. Often, the conversation turns to politics... 


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Do you know who your car insurance company is?

 I know, that sounds like such a simple question. Obviously you know who your car insurance company is. It's the company you signed a contract with, right? Unless, of course, you signed a contract with...

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Trial Diary - The Jury Breaks the Law

Last week we went to trial and spent the better part of two days showing a jury how our client was injured, how he has not fully recovered, and why he deserved to be compensated for his injuries. The jury was attentive and courteous. They were educated and thoughtful. They deliberated for nearly two hours. Then they broke the law.

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We want you to sue us

After many years of favoring arbitration (informal, out-of-court trial) as a method of resolving coverage disputes, some insurance companies are now requiring their customers to file a lawsuit to resolve the dispute. Why would they do that, you ask? They must have realized that...

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Open Letter to the President

Dear President Obama,                                                                               

Now that you have another four years to lead this country, let’s have an honest dialogue and start by calling it for what it is. Taking from the poor and giving to the rich. The opposite of Robin Hood. Social Security. 

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Is this blog classified as political speech, or...

is it classified as an advertisement? A recent high-profile blogging case in Virginia discusses this very issue.

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